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Alpharetta Rat Trapping, Johns Creek Rat Removal and Cumming Rat Exclusion Services. Dealing with rat infestations in Suwanee, rat colonies and rat control in Roswell and surrounding areas. Serving North Metro Atlanta, but not limited to: Johns Creek Rat, Alpharetta Rat, Crabapple Rat, Roswell Rat, Rats in Milton, Rat trapping in Dunwoody, Norcross Rat Control, Duluth, Buford, Cumming, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Fulton County Georgia, Forsyth County Georgia, Dekalb County & Gwinnett County. Offering a full service rat damage repair & access prevention.

Some of the Rats that we can help you to EVICT & relocate are: Roof Rats and Norway Rats.

Whether your rodent or rat problem is past or present, or maybe you would like to prevent any future rodent infestations from occurring, Southern Wildlife can stop costly damage from rodents and keep your family safe from health related problems associated with rats, mice or rodents. 

If you are experiencing a current rodent or rat infestation in your home, have a dead rat in your wall or attic,  or if your looking for rat or rodent dropping removal, attic insulation removal, deodorizing, odor control, trapping and control of rodents,and rat proofing, you have come to the right place.  We are a full service rodent removal company that focuses on all types of pests.  Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we have the tools and knowledge to solve your problem. in a timely manner.  We are licensed, insured, and ready to solve your rodent problem today.  Don't call inexperienced companies, call the pro's at Southern Wildlife Management, LLC, Georgia's Premier Wildlife Control & Exclusion Company.  We will meet or beat any competitors quote in the Atlanta area. Simply provide us a copy of the written quote and as long as the said company utilizes same quality materials and performs high quality of work with like warranty,we will simply meet the written rodent exclusion quote or beat the price.  


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Rat Trapping Johns Creek

Rat Trapping & Rat Removal
- Norway Rats & Roof Rats-

This is some of the damage that rats can cause in order to live in your house, unlike squirrels who prefer the outdoors, rats are perfectly happy cohabitating with us. Although you have been invaded and the safety of your home is at risk what is more important is the health risks that come with these uninvited guests...

Rat Damage Alpharetta
Rat Feces in Attic
Rat Trapped Alpharetta
Rats chewed through pipe insultation and made a nest in Cumming, GA
Rat waste & feces in the attic insulation in Duluth, GA
Our record Norway Rat trapped on a huge commercial job in Atlanta Georgia. 18" from end-to-end.

Do-it-Yourself Rat Trapping

You can attempt to perform the rat trapping yourself. If you succeed great! Trapping the rats are only one of the steps in the equation. What about rat exclusion? How did they get in? If the ones that you are dealing with now got in, once they are gone, others will follow.

When rat trapping fails... We often have complaints from homeowners who use snap traps that the bait is gone and the trap is sprung but no rodent in sight. We come in with what one of our clients in Alpharetta calls our "magic mix" and we get one right after the other.But don't be discouraged if you have not been successful at trapping the rats. We are trained and licensed professionals.

Here are some rat facts that we are going to share with you hopefully it will inspire you to pick up the phone and call us...

---A singular female rat typically lives for two years. Within that two years she can have nearly 200 babies. Wow! Talk about a population explosion.

---Rats cause a severe health risk. They bring with them many diseases that can spread, infect or cause health ailments for us.

---Rats cause a safety risk. Rats have to constantly chew to keep their teeth at the right length, similiar to us filing our fingernails. They do not care if they chew pipes, wires, cement, stucco, plastic...!

Remember, rat trapping and rat control involves many important steps, from identifying and closing all of the entry areas, to sanitizing, to chemical deodorization. However, if you have rats, they have got to be trapped and removed. There's no magic spray or ultrasonic sound emitter that will make them leave your comfy home. Even when the holes are all sealed, the rats that are stuck inside must be trapped and removed. Trapping is always part of the total rat control solution, and it must be done right. When an uneducated homeowner or a lazy pest control technician sets a couple of traps around the attic hatch, that is doomed for failure. Trapping is an art, and we have mastered it!

What to expect when you hire Professional Trappers

Initially we will ask you some questions to about your specific situation. Where the rats are located: attic, wall, outside, closet? How do you know that it is a rat, squirrel or something else --- Have you seen it? Have you seen how it gets inside? This helps us to get a better grasp as to what we are dealing with. Then we usually get asked "How much is it going to cost". We are the type of company that would rather lay any cards we have out on the table, and I warn you are prices are reasonable compared to some other companies in our industry.

  1. First we inspect the property to see if we can quickly locate the entry points. From that we estimate the cost of trapping and exclusion work necessary to "Get them out & Keep them OUT". Trapping without exclusion is a temporary fix. As soon as the nuisance animal is gone, another one can follow the scent trail to your attic or house.

  2. Then we set up traps specific to that animal and the situation, whether or not the area requires live traps or snap traps. Whether or not the homeowner has a preference as to the type of trap we use is considered. We NEVER EVER use poisons. Equally important we use concealed (enclosed) snap traps while trapping for rats inside a home. This way there are no visual signs and it is SAFE for the kids and pets.

  3. By our own standards, and the law in the State of Georgia, the traps have to be checked by the Technician every single day.

  4. After there are no more signs of activity, we begin the exclusion work. This could include the use of flashing, wire mesh, hardware cloth, vent & gutter guards, caps, screens. Often times we have to be creative and custom design a barrier for unique situations.



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